Ciao a tutti! My names is Francesca, I was born in Italy in a little village in Piedmont, that kind of place that you can still observ lot of autenthic traditions, old people with own old clothes. I love the place where I'm from, I love Italy and I love the idea to bring you with me there, to discover it trow the italian language.

After my graduation in Italian Linguistics I started to teach my languages, before in Italy and after in few foreign countries. 

The idea of the Lady Italy school comes from being a travelling teacher, thus having the necessity of keeping my students studying and continuing collaborating in research with schools.

So here I am, ready to teach you la mia lingua and bring you to my country to speak italiano in Italia and see how beautifull and pleasent it can be.​

Studying italian with Lady Italy is an opportunity to learn italian confortably from everywhere you are and everytime you like.

You can have a chat with me at any moment of the day, watch videos, listen to podcasts and songs, read the story and the best of our literature and, of course,  learn the way the Italians do the things.

Becouse Lady Italy is not just about learning language, is about usigin languages, do things with languages, being curios and curios about italian staff.

impararei la lingua usandola anche se non avrai "normali" occasioni d'uso. Sarò io la tua formidabile risorsa, lo stimolo per usare la lingua ed immergerti nel vivo dell'Italia ​rule of forgetting, limparare dimenticando che lo stai facendo